Hi Fabrizio,

Ah, one of those things they don't tell you about in the man page. You are
right, it is ugly. The async I/O code in the kernel only reserves so much
buffer space for async I/O requests. Apparently, I exceeded that for your
copy. The solution is to revert back to doing sync I/O instead of returning
an error. I will look into it. It would be nice if I had more debugging
info but I don't think this is repeatable since it appears to be load


On Wed, 12 Oct 2005, Fabrizio Furano wrote:

> Hi Andy,
>  copying files with xrdcp I got this error from the kan cluster:
> 051012 09:04:16 14869 Xrd: ReadBuffer: Server
> [] did not return OK message for last
> request.
> 051012 09:04:16 14869 Xrd: SendGenCommand: Server declared error
> 3008:XrdXrootdAio: Unable to
> read /store/PRskims/R14/14.4.2a/BToDlnu/04/BToDlnu_0416.03HUBCA.root; No
> buffer space available
>  To me it sounds ugly. It happened approaching the end of this copy. What do you think?
> Fabrizio