Hi Manny,

On Wed, Oct 12, 2005 at 06:37:47PM -0700, Emmanuel Olaiya wrote:
> Chris and I discussed with the relevant person at RAL upgrading the 
> operating system for the xrootd servers from RedHat 7.2. They are happy 
> to make the upgrade, but they would much rather upgrade to Scientific 
> Linux 4. This doesn't help us regarding using the available rpms, but I 
> guess we can just build them ourselves (or even see if we can use the 
> SL3 rpms).
> Before we look into the testing the setup we wanted to see if there were 
> any objections running the xrootd servers on SL4?

  I don't see any reason not to support it, we have to move to it at
some point. I just need to find a server where we can test it... Is
there one accesible to me at RAL? (If there are any issues, Andy may
need access.)


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