Sorry for not being able to call in.

This is some information about

     o TXNetSystem

Ready to go in (thanks to Frank Winklmeier, Fabrizio); needs new xrootd 
(see below)

     o posix and TXNetFile client merge

This is done since long ... ;-)

     o TXNetFile on Windows 

This needs the port of the thread stuff in XrdOuc (used by XrdClient) 
under Windows;
on the todo list

     o Getting this stuff into next ROOT build...

Next version is scheduled for the end of the month. XROOTD commit should 
happen in
next days, just after Fabrizio's stress tests.


Peter Elmer wrote:

>  Hi All,
>  The next meeting on xrootd development, testing, deployment and monitoring
>will be Tuesday, 18 October, 2005 at 10:15 CA, 19:15 Europe and 18:15 UK. 
>The location at SLAC is SCS conference room B. Others can just congregate 
>  The connection info for this meeting is:
>   phone:     +1-510-665-5437
>   passcode:  4465
> Agenda:
>   o Monalisa discussion
>   o SRM
>   o Any problems with new production version 20050920-0008?
>     (I'll announce this as a production version in a subsequent mail)
>   o autotools updates
>     o fallout from the autotools migration
>     o version numbers
>   o Development/features to be added 
>     o "admin" interface (shutdown, ...)
>     o additional security updates (srp, ssh, ugid)?
>   o Documentation/webpage updates
>   o Things in ROOT itself:
>     o TXNetSystem
>     o posix and TXNetFile client merge
>     o TXNetFile on Windows 
>     o Getting this stuff into next ROOT build...
>   o 1000 server test
>   o rfio mps scripts
>   o proxy support
>   o updates needed by Castor people
>   o Zero-config changes
>   o Sites
>     o Example configurations
>     o SLAC
>        o olb03/olb04/kanolb-a renaming (arrghh!)
>     o Cornell
>     o Padova - Alexis?
>     o CNAF - Alexis
>     o RAL - Chris/Manny
>     o In2p3 - Jean-Yves
>     o FZK - Gregory
>     o BNL
>     o anybody else...
>   o xrootd procedures
>      o restart of servers (deployment of new versions)
>      o problems with particular data servers
>      o adding a new server
>  I have almost certainly forgotten some things, so please feel free to bring
>anything important up during the meeting.
>                                    Pete
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>Address: CERN Division PPE, Bat. 32 2C-14, CH-1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland