tomorrow in Italy is a national feast, so everything will be closed. 
 From my side I have these outstanding activities:

- the XrdClient side parallel open feature is able to handle all my 
stress test, os I consider it stable. To be tested by someone else from 
now on.

- I agreed with Gerri about a semi-transparent way to use the parallel 
open from TXNetFile. The point is that many I/O related tasks in ROOT 
are incompatible with the concept of asynchronous open. Even simple 
things like Map() rely on the fact that the open phase has been 
completed. The idea is to do as follows:
  - In ROOT the default open mode is "synchronous", as before
  - If the "async" one is explicitly choosen, before calling any ROOT 
function on a file, the programmer has to check if it is open. The 
check, internally, waits for the completion of the open phase. I am 
about to finish with the changes needed, then I'll make a bunch of tests.

- After that, as agreed last week, I'll write down a simple plugin API 
to make xrdcp able to send monitoring info to external applications.


Peter Elmer wrote:
>   Hi All,
>   The next meeting on xrootd development, testing, deployment and monitoring
> will be Tuesday, 1 November, 2005 at 10:15 CA, 19:15 Europe and 18:15 UK. 
> The location at SLAC is SCS conference room B. Others can just congregate 
> virtually. 
>   The connection info for this meeting is:
>    phone:     +1-510-665-5437
>    passcode:  4465
>  Agenda:
>    o Followup to Monalisa discussion (client side changes needed)
>    o SRM
>    o Any problems with new production version 20050920-0008?
>      o Deploying 20050920-0008 at SLAC and all other sites
>    o Any problems with version deployed in ROOT (20051026-1709)?
>    o Finishing the migration to autotools 
>      o fallout from the autotools migration
>      o version numbers
>    o Development/features to be added 
>      o "admin" interface (shutdown, ...)
>      o additional security updates (srp, ssh, ugid)?
>    o Documentation/webpage updates
>    o TXNetFile on Windows 
>    o Parallel open feature
>    o 1000 server test
>    o rfio mps scripts
>    o proxy support
>    o updates needed by Castor people
>    o Zero-config changes
>    o Sites
>      o Example configurations
>      o SLAC
>         o olb03/olb04/kanolb-a renaming (arrghh!)
>      o Cornell
>      o Padova - Alexis?
>      o CNAF - Alexis
>      o RAL - Chris/Manny
>      o In2p3 - Jean-Yves
>      o FZK - Gregory
>      o BNL
>      o anybody else...
>    o xrootd procedures
>       o restart of servers (deployment of new versions)
>       o problems with particular data servers
>       o adding a new server
>   I have almost certainly forgotten some things, so please feel free to bring
> anything important up during the meeting.
>                                     Pete
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