Hi Derek,

 generally I don't like "special" executable targets. However, I have no
objections if the idea is to move to a unique way when those libraries
are available.

 When I am out from the boring stuff I am on (very soon I hope) I will
start with the developing of some new features. Obviously I'll not
replicate modifications onto different code branches...


On Wed, 2005-10-05 at 16:29 +0200, Derek Feichtinger wrote:
> Ciao, Fabrizio
> We are using here a xrdcp with some added code for MonALISA monitoring of the 
> clients. It's just the normal client with quite some stuff in between #ifdefs 
> and it links against a MonALISA client library (libapmoncpp). The library is 
> unluckily snot yet available on the main site (no official download page for 
> that version yet. Catalin said he will include all the necessary changes in 
> the official MonALISA soon).
> For these reasons I would like to include it for now as a separate second 
> client called xrdmoncp in the XrdClients directory, that will only be built 
> when autotools detect the presence of the libapmoncpp library.
> This way it's easy for users to detect whether a copy command with MonALISA 
> monitoring is available.
> Is this ok for you?
> Any others interested in this monitoring possibility?
> Cheers,
> Derek