Ciao, Fabrizio

We are using here a xrdcp with some added code for MonALISA monitoring of the 
clients. It's just the normal client with quite some stuff in between #ifdefs 
and it links against a MonALISA client library (libapmoncpp). The library is 
unluckily snot yet available on the main site (no official download page for 
that version yet. Catalin said he will include all the necessary changes in 
the official MonALISA soon).

For these reasons I would like to include it for now as a separate second 
client called xrdmoncp in the XrdClients directory, that will only be built 
when autotools detect the presence of the libapmoncpp library.
This way it's easy for users to detect whether a copy command with MonALISA 
monitoring is available.

Is this ok for you?

Any others interested in this monitoring possibility?


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