Gerri and I just finished the autotools migration as described in the last 

The old build style is still available!
--> the old configure has been renamed to configure.classic by moving the file
directly in the CVS (this conserves its history, but you will get a error 
message about it if you work in a CVS sandbox which was checked out before 
this change). This was necessary, because autotools will overwrite configure, 
and then you may check it in if you are not careful.

To use the new autotools build:
You should install automake > 1.6, autoconf-2.59 and libtool 1.5.18 on your 
system. Read the new README.Maintainer and INSTALL files or in short ;-)

1. check out the sources
2. libtoolize
3. aclocal
4. automake -a
5. autoconf

The created configure follows the autotools standard. configure --help will 
show all the available options. The --enable-xyz switches will turn features 
on/off, while the --with-xyz-dir options will allow to tailor the paths for 
additional libraries/header files to use.

Example: For building on shire4 at SLAC:

./configure -C --prefix=/tmp/my_install_directory
--enable-krb4 --enable-krb5 --enable-mon 

make install

(Yeah. Lots of writing. I'll look how to add good default values for sites, 
but it's somehow not nice to hardcode an afs path into a generic configure)
Libtool will make sure that all the installed binaries will have the correct 
rpath settings. Library interdependencies are also recorded (in the 

To generate a self-consistent tarball:

make dist
Please mail me in case of any problems.


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