Dear Linear Collider Colleagues in America, Asia and Europe,

      The dates of the EUDET Kick-off Meeting have been given in the
latest edition of ILC NewsLine <[log in to unmask]> as follows:
                           DESY, 15-17 February 2006

      EUDET will be a facility for doing LC Detector R&D and is open to
all regions.  Joachim Mnich (EUDET leader) is preparing an announcement
for next week's ILC NewsLine which will give you the details.  This mail
is pre-information which is going to the mailing lists of the three
regions because 1)some of you may not yet be plugged in to
[log in to unmask] (if not, you can sign up there) and 2) you should
get the information as early as possible so that you can put it in your

      The facility will be supported by the EU plus participating
institutions, whereas the detector R&D proper can/should be done by
you if you are an LC-detector physicist.  The layout of the facility will
discussed at the kick-off meeting and your input is welcome if you are
interested.  If you can attend, please register at

      Below is an excerpt from Joachim's mail asking us to spread the
word, so I hope this will help...

              Best wishes for 2006,

P.S. The email lists of the three regions overlap, so apologies if you get
this mail more than once.

On Mon, 2 Jan 2006, Joachim Mnich wrote:

> The first important event will be our Kick-off Meeting in February at
> DESY. To prepare the workshop we have set up a web page with some
> technical information and which will further evolve. You can access it
> from
> To help us preparing the meeting here at DESY I would like to ask you to
> sign up on the registration form as soon as possible such that we get an
> idea how many people will attend the workshop. As this meeting will be
> open to all interested people I encourage you to make some advertisement
> for it, in particular outside Europe.
> Best regards, Joachim
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