Hi Pavel,

Could you give me the symptoms that made it appear to not work? The first
one should have worked. If it dod not, this is a bug and will be fixed.

In any case, a supervisor node needs *both* 'ofs.redirect remote' *and*
'ofs.redirect target' specified and it is subject to a redirection as well
as redirecting itself. Specifying only "remote" will not work in most
cases since the supervisor will not connect to the local olbd and off
failures will occur (this pointed out that the protocol spec was a bit
fuzzy on this, sigh).

So, you should also have the line:

ofs.redirect target if named supervisor

Anyway, I will check on this.


P.S. I am in the process of simplifying the configuration which will make
the "redirect" statement superfluous (though upwardly acceptable).

On Tue, 28 Mar 2006, pjakl wrote:

> Hi guys,
> I have deployed latest development version 20060307 and tried to
> simplify my config file using INSTANCE_NAME and if statement.
> I wrote this to the config file and for that particular node it didn't work:
> if named dataserver
>     ofs.redirect target
> else
>     ofs.redirect remote
> fi
> If I did use like this, it did work:
> ofs.redirect target if named dataserver
> ofs.redirect remote if named redirector
> ofs.redirect remote if named supervisor
> (dataserver,redirector,supervisor) are INSTANCE_NAMES which I am setting
> through command line argument -n.
> Do am I missing something ? like badly comprehend the if statement syntax ?
> Thank for any advice
> Pavel