Hi Chris,

On Tue, Mar 21, 2006 at 05:06:32PM -0000, Brew, CAJ (Chris) wrote:
> I don't think anyone from RAL will be able to call in today. 
> I think we've only got one current issue: If I recall correctly, the
> upshot of last weeks discussion of the RH73 version for RAL was that we
> probably shouldn't put the new version we have (20060307-1857) into
> production and a new version would be built with some fix added (or
> removed).
> Is that a correct summary? If so what's the status of getting a
> "production" RH73 release?

  I was hoping that you would do some basic testing of it... ;-)
We had thought to do a new production candidate release last Friday
or yesterday, but I believe we are still waiting on a client-side bug fix 
(from Fabrizio, I think). We'll talk about it in the meeting this
evening and let you know.


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