Hi Andy,

I re-produced it again. As you could see from the olb log file:

060328 17:40:22 001 (c) 2005 SLAC olbd version 20060307-0546

060328 17:40:22 001 [log in to unmask] initilization started.

060328 17:40:22 001 olb_Config: Role not specified; manager role assumed.

060328 17:40:22 19119 olb_Xeq: Performance monitor thread started

060328 17:40:22 19119 olb_Xeq: Refcount monitor thread started

060328 17:40:22 19119 olb_Xeq: Request Responder thread started

060328 17:40:22 19119 olb_Xeq: Request Timeout thread started

060328 17:40:22 19119 olb_Xeq: State monitor thread started

060328 17:40:22 001 [log in to unmask]:3121 manager 
initialization completed.

060328 17:40:22 19119 olb_Xeq: Admin traffic thread started

060328 17:40:27 19119 olb_Admin_Login: Primary server 19060 logged in

060328 17:41:52 19119 olb_Xeq: Worker thread started

060328 17:41:52 19119 olb_Config: Service enabled.

And please also see that this node has as instance name "supervisor" and 
I have these lines in configuration file:

        olb.role manager if named redirector

        olb.role server if named dataserver

        olb.role supervisor if named supervisor

I am also sending the whole configuration file in attachement to be sure 
that I didn't set something wrong that could replace or break this 
confgiguration directive.
I could not say the symptons, sorry.


Andrew Hanushevsky wrote:

>Hi Pavel,
>Could you give me the symptoms that made it appear to not work? The first
>one should have worked. If it dod not, this is a bug and will be fixed.
>In any case, a supervisor node needs *both* 'ofs.redirect remote' *and*
>'ofs.redirect target' specified and it is subject to a redirection as well
>as redirecting itself. Specifying only "remote" will not work in most
>cases since the supervisor will not connect to the local olbd and off
>failures will occur (this pointed out that the protocol spec was a bit
>fuzzy on this, sigh).
>So, you should also have the line:
>ofs.redirect target if named supervisor
>Anyway, I will check on this.
>P.S. I am in the process of simplifying the configuration which will make
>the "redirect" statement superfluous (though upwardly acceptable).
>On Tue, 28 Mar 2006, pjakl wrote:
>>Hi guys,
>>I have deployed latest development version 20060307 and tried to
>>simplify my config file using INSTANCE_NAME and if statement.
>>I wrote this to the config file and for that particular node it didn't work:
>>if named dataserver
>>    ofs.redirect target
>>    ofs.redirect remote
>>If I did use like this, it did work:
>>ofs.redirect target if named dataserver
>>ofs.redirect remote if named redirector
>>ofs.redirect remote if named supervisor
>>(dataserver,redirector,supervisor) are INSTANCE_NAMES which I am setting
>>through command line argument -n.
>>Do am I missing something ? like badly comprehend the if statement syntax ?
>>Thank for any advice