Hi Derek, Fabrizio,

Yes, as it is now TXNetFile allows only one set of globally-set config 
I remember a brief discussion we had Fabrizio and I once on this, but then
nothing has been done.

As this may be relevant also for  'xrdcp',  perhaps  we should introduce the
possibility to define 'per host' rules in a config file checked by 
making use of the existing 'if-then' infrastructure used for server 

What do you think?


ps: I'll fix the inconsistencies in the names and add the new options in
      system.rootrc: thanks for spotting this.

Derek Feichtinger wrote:

>Ciao, Fabrizio
>I'm just toying around a bit with TXNetFile, and I was looking for setting Xrd 
>Client related options (timeouts, reconnection attempts, etc) on a per 
>connection basis from ROOT.
>Is there a better way than globally setting the options via gEnv? Coudn't find 
>anything in the source.
>Minor Detail:
>The README_params file in xrootd's XrdClient directory lists "DebugLevel" as 
>the name of the debug option, but the code actually uses "Debug", i.e. one 
>needs gEnv->SetValue("XNet.Debug",4).

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