our partial BF's for mX and Pplus are much too high. Maybe Roberto
and/or Concezio can give comments to the following:

To cross check Kerstin and I have compared the current mX-q^2 numbers 
with what has been obtained for EPS05 (BAD1214) and in BAD913.

There are several puzzles to us which point to the source of the problem 
in the efficiency calculation:
                       Now         EPS05           BAD913
eps^u_sel              0.439       0.334            ?
eps^u_kin              0.90        0.955            ?
eps^u_sel*eps^u_kin    0.39        0.32             ?
pstar                  1.14        1.204*           1/1.27
where pstar=(eps^u_t eps^u_l)/(eps^sl_t eps^sl_l)
*: only (eps^u_l)/(eps^sl_l)) given

1) Why is there so a large difference in eps^u_sel*eps^u_kin?

2) Why is there so a alrge difference between BAD913 and now?

3) In addition, the pstar factor for the mX analysis is 0.72.
   Why is there such a large difference compared to 1.14?
   BAD1214 P.31 suggests that there should not be a large

One should keep in mind that eps^u_l, eps^u_t, eps^u_sel, eps^u_kin 
are only for the signal region.

Heiko and Kerstin