Hi Gregory,

I'm looking at the code and the flag hat causes the DIR_LOCK file to be 
created is triggered by

a) Specifying mmsgwcmd *and*
b) Specifying mig (or migratable)

If the migratable option is specified by itself (i.e., setting it as the 
default), it may propogate to other paths if those paths have a set of 
options whose final value is zero (it's possible). That's arguably a bug. 
However, you can get around the problem by not specifying migratable as the 
default and only including it on the actual path you want to be migratable. 
So, I gave you bum advice. Instead,

oss.path /store mig stage
oss.path /prod nomig nostage


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Subject: Re: getting rid of DIR_LOCK files

> Hello Andy,
> Thanks for the advice. I tried to add the line you mentioned but DIR_LOCK 
> files are still beeing created under /prod (same as before).
> Regards,
> -- Gregory
> On Fri, 26 May 2006, Andrew Hanushevsky wrote:
>> Hi Gregory,
>> As stage is the default for all oss paths, the DIR_LOCK files will be
>> created in every directory. Additionally, stagecmd makes the default
>> stage and mssgwcmd makes mig the default (either of which create DIR_LOCK
>> files). The solution is to explicitly make /store stageable and
>> not /prod. So, change:
>>> oss.stage
>> to be:
>> oss.stage
>> oss.path /prod nostage nomig
>> Andy (not part of the above directives :-)