Hi Derek,

  I regenerated the perl wrapper with no results.

  Still the wrapper compiles in my machines and (incredible) also under 
Solaris/Sun Workshop (shire02), where I don't get any error/warning, as 

  My hypothesis is that it's a compiler version problem. Here I used gcc 
4.0.1. Any idea? Even if it is not useful, if you need to regenerate the 
perl wrapper just run the script ./ with a decent 
swig version installed in your system (not the one installed on the 
norics). Here I am using swig ver 1.3.24.

  Just for curiosity, Pete, where did you compile the latest dev/prod 


---------- output from Solaris/Sun workshop
Compiling XrdClientAdmin_c_wrap.c
Creating perl module library ../../lib/sun4x_58_dbg/
Creating executable ../../bin/sun4x_58_dbg/xrdadmin

Derek Feichtinger wrote:
> Hi, Fabrizio
> The problem appears on multiple systems and also with both build flavours 
> (classic and autotools).
> I just had another try on noric02 at slac: same failure.
> ...
> Making client component...
> Compiling XrdClientAdmin_c_wrap.c
> XrdClientAdmin_c_wrap.c:862: syntax error before `__attribute__'
> XrdClientAdmin_c_wrap.c:862: syntax error before `)' token
> XrdClientAdmin_c_wrap.c:863: syntax error before `*' token
> XrdClientAdmin_c_wrap.c:868: 'SwigPerlWrapperPtr' is used as a type, but is 
> not
>    defined as a type.
> XrdClientAdmin_c_wrap.c:1052: syntax error before `__attribute__'
> ...
> Noric02: i686-pc-linux-gnu, RHEL WS Rel 3 , perl v5.8.8
> Same happens on my gentoo system with perl v5.8.7
> Cheers,
> Derek
> On Monday 19 June 2006 11.38, Fabrizio Furano wrote:
>> Hi Derek,
>>   I rebuilt it very recently here. Maybe some platform issue? Or some
>> mistake. Which platform (and perl version seen by the configure scripts)
>> are you using ?
>> Fabrzio
>> Derek Feichtinger wrote:
>>> Ciao, Fabrizio
>>> It seems that the building of the perl interface (--enable-perlint) no
>>> longer works. There's some problem with the SWIG generated
>>> XrdClientAdmin_c_wrap.c file, but I did not investigate (probably you
>>> just need to regenerate it).
>>> After talking to Peter at CERN on Wednesday, I added GNU readline support
>>> to the xrd executable, so it has a more intelligent command line behavior
>>> (I had thought this was already in place). The build will only use
>>> readline when it is available on the system. I'll send you the patch as
>>> soon as the other problem is resolved.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Derek