Hi Concezio,

	we have a weight for SP5 signal MC to correct for the different ratio 
between non-resonant and resonant signal MC in SP5 and SP6.



Concezio Bozzi wrote:
> OK, so we can use the run number in VirClass::Loop and use two separate
> weights for D**/D+D* in SP5 and SP6. Could you remind me why we need to
> reweight also signal MC? Are there any changes in signal MC between SP5
> and SP6? 
> Concezio. 
> Il giorno mer, 19-07-2006 alle 14:26 +0000, Wolfgang Menges ha scritto:
>> Hi Concezio,
>> 	Yes, you are right about the SP8 work. For distinguishing SP5 and SP6 
>> Kerstin did already some work. The run numbers are different in SP5 and 
>> SP6.  if (run<3158000) selects SP5 events. I checked it and it works for 
>> signal MC and generic.
>> Cheers,
>> 	Wolfgang
>> Concezio Bozzi wrote:
>>> Hi all, 
>>> if we stay with SP5/6 I think that reweighting the D** wrt D+D*
>>> separately for SP5 and SP6 would be the best we can do. But this means
>>> that we need to know whether we are analysing SP5 or SP6 events when we
>>> build the datasets in VVF, which I am not sure how to do. 
>>> Using SP8 means a lot of extra work/checks/tunings. 
>>> However it is not clear to me why when we compute the D** reweighting we
>>> get 1 for SP5 and 0.83 for SP6, whereas we get 0.55 for (sp5+sp6). Well,
>>> the fit might be just readjusting itself...
>>> Concezio. 
>>> Il giorno mer, 19-07-2006 alle 13:03 +0000, Wolfgang Menges ha scritto:
>>>> Hi Heiko,
>>>> Heiko Lacker wrote:
>>>>> Hi Wolfgang,
>>>>>> There are two ways out. Either we switch to release 18 MC/SP8 which will 
>>>>>> have better D** description, better other things, but we have to adjust
>>>>>> a lot of (more or less hard) coded numbers. But it will also solve the 
>>>>>> SP5/SP6 difference for the signal MC. We have to calculate new weights 
>>>>>> and magic factors. The other way is to apply some reweigting for SP5 to 
>>>>>> get the same as SP6.
>>>>> This is in principle not possible as there are D** mass regions in
>>>>> SP6 which have not been populated in SP5 :-(
>>>> That is a pity. So, my suggestion is to stick with SP5 AND SP6 or switch 
>>>> to SP8.
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> 	Wolfgang

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