we use a staging script and a prepare script that are used by 
xrootd/olbd via the directives oss.stagecmd and olb.prep.

I noticed that in case of oss.stagecmd the path given as 6th parameter 
of the line passed to the script is without the localroot. In case of 
olb.prep it is including the localroot. The documentation says in both 
case: "path is the absolute path of the file[...]"

One also sees this nicely in the olbd log:

070321 17:08:11 19141 Receive from 7@0 prepadd 
3b808e80:0445.46015809:948 * 0 rq 
070321 17:08:11 19141 do_PrepAdd4Real Preparing 
3b808e80:0445.46015809:948 * 0 rq 

Between the first and second entry the localroot (in this case /pool) 
is added.

Is this the intended behavior or a bug?
In any case, I suggest to add a short comment to the documentation 
mentioning the localroot.

Jan Fiete



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