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Oh, actually it says “None of the existing collider detectors........”


I read it as “None of the existing ILC simulations ........”


so it’s OK.




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Subject: RE: ILC Test Beam Roadmap Document


Whoever wrote:


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didn’t go to the Hamburg LCWS07! A di-jet mass resolution of 3GeV for the W (M = 80.4GeV or dM/M ~ 3.7%) requires dE/E ~ 4%, which PandoraPFA is quite close to. From the LCWS07 plenary simulation talk:


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He says the dE/E physics requirement is 3.8%, which is 26%/SQRT(E) at sqrt(s) = 91 GeV, and 60%/SQRT(E) at 500 GeV. PandoraPFA gets 29.5%/SQRT(E) and 53.4%/SQRT(E), respectively, or 4.4% and 3.3%, respectively.




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Subject: ILC Test Beam Roadmap Document


Dear colleagues,


The test beam working group of the WWS is planning to complete and

release the ILC beam test roadmap document on July 1, as announced at

the IDTB07 workshop at Fermilab in January and at the LCWS07 at DESY in

June.   The current draft document is available at the URL:





As you already know this is an important document for the forthcoming

ILC detector R&D activities.   Thus, we would greatly appreciate your

comments on this document.  Please send your comments to Jae Yu

([log in to unmask]) by Wednesday, June 27, two weeks from today.


Thank you for your contribution to the roadmap document.




Kiyotomo Kawagoe, Felix Sefkow, Vaclav Vrba and Jae Yu