Dear Colleagues,
 As most of you may have heard, the Senate Appropriations Committee
has approved its version of the FY 2008 Energy and Water Development
Appropriations Bill (S1751) and sent it to the Senate floor for 
consideration. The report (S.R. 110-127) is now available online.

Among the recommendations, one finds the following:

"For High Energy Physics, the Committee recommends $789,238,000. 
Understanding the way the universe works is the key mission of the 
High Energy Physics program, and it succeeds by probing interactions 
among matter, energy, space and time. The High Energy Physics 
program has many promising opportunities to advance our understanding 
of the universe and its makeup. However, the Department must make 
important decisions about the future of this program, including 
balancing the immediate opportunities provided through the Joint 
Dark Energy Mission and large future investments in the 
International Linear Collider. 

International Linear Collider- The Committee provides $60,000,000 
to support research to support the U.S. ILC effort within the 
Accelerator Development, International Linear Collider R&D activities. 
The Committee appreciates the scientific challenge of building the 
ILC in the United States, establishing our leadership in this 
discipline among an international team. Despite the large financial 
commitment by the President in scientific research, the Committee 
is concerned that the ILC will crowd out other valuable research 
as has been demonstrated with both the National Ignition Facility 
within the NNSA, the Rare Isotope Accelerator and ITER, both within 
the Office of Science. The Department must provide a cost estimate 
including an out year funding plan and an explanation of how this 
initiative will impact other facilities and scientific research. 

You can read the full report at:

The HEP section is at:

Norman Graf