I'm trying to set up some new systems which are going ro server out two

  /store which will be read only and stagable from tape
  /prod which will be read/write and not backed by tape

I've created the two directories under the localroot and set the
following options in the file:

#OLB Configuration
olb.path s /store
olb.path rw /prod

#OSS Configuration
oss.localroot /stage/xrootd-data1/kanga
oss.path /store r/o mig inplace
oss.path /prod r/w nomig nostage nodread
oss.mssgwcmd /opt/xrootd/ads/
oss.stagecmd |/opt/xrootd/utils/mps_prep

However if I try to write to /prod using xrdcp I get the following

Error accessing path/file for

With the following error in xrdlog:

070731 15:30:21 541 XrootdXeq: brew.24131:17@lcgui0360 login
Failed to get path for /prod/test/gdss102-1.01.root at
/opt/xrootd/ads/ line 23
Couldn't stat file /prod/test/gdss102-1.01.root at
/opt/xrootd/ads/ line 28.
070731 15:30:21 541 oss_XrdOssMSS_Xeq: Unable to execute statx;
operation not permitted
070731 15:30:21 541 ofs_open: brew.24131:17@lcgui0360 Unable to create
/prod/test/gdss102-1.01.root; Operation not permitted
070731 15:30:21 541 XrootdXeq: brew.24131:17@lcgui0360 disc 0:00:00

Which looks like it's trying to talk to the MSS to ask whether it can
place the file.

The if I look at the log file from xrootd starting I see:

oss.path /prod r/w  check nodread mig nomkeep nomlock nommap norcreate

So even though I specified nomig in the config file it's actually
setting the mig option.

If I comment out the oss.mssgwcmd and oss.stagecmd options then the
/prod area works as expected but obviously staging to the /store area

Is this a bug or is there a work around to let me have writable but not
migratable and stagable areas on the same server.


P.s. I tried replacing oss.path with oss.export but it didn't make any