As we all probably know, there have been several complaints about statx. 
It's been a very problematic protocol element. In order to simplify it and 
make it more consistent I'd like to change the meaning of the flags whch 
would them allow an implementation that makes sense,

The currently returned flags are:
flags    identifies the entry's attributes as a binary character. The entry 
should be assumed to be an immediately available regular file unless one or 
more of the following bits are set.

        kXR_xset         - Either an executable file or a searchable 

        kXR_isDir      - This is a directory.

        kXR_other      - This neither a file nor a directory, or does not 

  kkXR_offline - For files, the file is not online (i.e., on disk).

        I would like to change it to be:

kXR kXR_exists     - Object exists and is either an file or a directory.

        kXR_offline - For files, the file is not online (i.e., on disk).

Any  Hence, the object does not exist if all the bits are set to zero. I can 
make the corresponding client code changes to ease the effort. Anyone would 
rather not?

a       Andy