Dear Colleagues,

  According to the detector roadmap proposed by WWS, a call for
letters of Intent (LoIs) to produce detector engineering design reports
(EDRs) are expected shortly, and the deadline for the LoIs will be
about one year later.  Based on these LoIs, which groups are to
proceed to the phase to write the EDR will be decided. This challenging
timeline is endorsed by the ILCSC which is about to make a call for
the LoIs.

  In order to meet the challenge, people so far working on the
detector concepts GLD and LDC have decided to join their efforts to
write a single common LoI. Following informal discussions, a 
first joint concept study meeting was held at LCWS07, DESY in June 2007
where the idea to write a common LoI was endorsed. Following
the joint meeting, the 6-member joint steering group was elected
whose names are at the end of this announcement.

The charge of the joint steering group is to produce a common LoI
in time for the deadline. The steering group then identified three
areas that need intense joint efforts and elected corresponding
working group leaders:

a) Detector optimization
Mark Thomson
Tamaki Yoshioka

b) MDI/Integration
Karsten Buesser
Toshiaki Tauchi

c) Costing
Akihiro Maki
Henri Videau

Activities for the first two working groups are now being started with
help of the steering group, and the costing leaders will interact with
the two working groups when needed. More structures will be created
later on such as representatives of subdetectors that are responsible
for writing the corresponding LoI sections.

The steering group has also decided on the following:
a) the name of the new concept study: ILD.
    This is until the real collaboration is formed.
b) web site:

Until the joint LOI is produced, the current organizational
structures for LDC and GLD will be retained to provide
continuity with regards to the current activities and to
ensure smooth transition to the new organization.

The relevant calendar for the near future is:
1. Fermilab ALCPG
        Oct (Tues) morning: joint ILD meeting (mostly talks)
        Oct (Fri) afternoon: joint ILD meeting (mostly discussions)
2. KEK, Dec 7, 2007
       Joint ILD meeting

Taking this opportunity, we would like to emphasize that the new concept
study group is open to newcomers who are highly welcome.
If you would like to join our effort, please contact any of the steering
group members.

Best regards

ILD steering group:
  Ties Behnke
  Dean Karlen
  Yasuhiro Sugimoto
  Henri Videau
  Graham Wilson
  Hitoshi Yamamoto
Graham W. Wilson
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS 66045
Tel. 785-864-5231
Fax. 785-864-5262