Andy, our namespace was cleaned to provide the default
behavior as far as I can tell i.e. for localpath, and cache of
the form /data* MSS files appears in /data*/{LFN=~s/\//%/g} and
a link exists as $localpath$LFN .

	Hence the question as the directive seem at this
stage redundant. One thing the N2N did (and will not do if
I disable the directive) is to allow falling-back to the
default convention if the path presented appeared to be of
the old PFN form.


Andrew Hanushevsky wrote:
> Hi Jerome,
> If you can live with the default behaviour, then yes. However, Pavel 
> would probably know for sure.
> Andy
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> Subject: oss.namelib
>> A simple question,
>> Do I understand correctely that the "oss.namelib path [parms]"
>> directive is optional and, shall I comment this our from our
>> configuration (and ensured the namespace is 'standard' and not
>> needing a Name2Name interface) all will be OK?
>> Thanks,
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