Hi Chris,

Brew, CAJ (Chris) wrote:
> Hi Fabrizio,
> There's no other errors in the xroot log.
> The server does not appear heavy, though there may well be congestion at
> the switch level at the moment.
> The servers are still running a quite (read very) old version of the
> xrootd server software but the client I tried first was one from March
> this year but then I switched to the same release as the server incase
> the cause was a protocol mismatch. Could the timeouts be on the server
> side if it's running an old version?

  I am not aware of past troubles with that, nor with protocol 
mismatches. Asking you to enable the xrdcp debug level seems overkill, 
since you are experiencing this problem quite rarely. Just a question, 
does it happen in specific positions on the file (i.e. near the start or 
the end) or is it completely in random moments?


> Thanks,
> Chris.
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>> Subject: Re: Failed xrdcp writes
>> Hi Chris,
>>   Return code 11 means that the client was not able to write a chunk, 
>> after having retried for several times if it was a timeout or network 
>> problem, or after having received an explicit error from the server.
>>   Even if you have the server log at a low level, you should 
>> be able to 
>> spot if there are complaints before that line that you quoted (which 
>> states that xrdcp gave up)
>>   If not, then the cause might be a temporary network trouble 
>> (but quite 
>> long) or a heavy overload on the server side disks. I 
>> remember also that 
>> XrdClient, and hence xrdcp, long time ago (about 1 year) had much 
>> shorter timeouts, and hence was more prone to this kind of 
>> troubles. Are 
>> you using a reasonably recent version of it?
>> Fabrizio
>> Brew, CAJ (Chris) wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I'm experimenting with using xrdcp for the babar skiiming at RAL but
>>> some of the writes to the xrootd server fail.
>>> The only clue in the client logs I can find is:
>>> xrdcp failed with exit code 11
>>> though there may be more being eaten by the wrappers.
>>> On the server side I see:
>>> XrdLink: Unable to receive from 
>> babar004.1969:[log in to unmask];
>>> connection reset by peer
>>> This doesn't happen for all transfer but a significant minority fail
>>> this way.
>>> Any ideas where I should be looking for the problem?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Chris