finally we are now releasing an alpha version of our fuse based xrootd file 
system xrdfusefs. For us it is a fun project and we have learned a lot about 
autotools, fuse, POSIX, and xrootd. Not all possible functions have been 
implemented (yet?) and the code probably requires some more clean-up and some 
design choices may need to be revisited in the future, but the basic stuff 
should work.

What you can do with xrdfusefs:

* mount an xrootd dataserver on a local mountpoint
* list, read, write, delete, move, copy files to and from the server as if 
they were locally accessible.

What we have not tested/implemented yet:

* rmdir
* connection to a redirector
* I'm sure you'll find something that we forgot about :-)

What to keep in mind:

* xrootd by design is not a file system!
* 'ls' returns only the files currently online on the server


* fuse kernel module, libs, and headers. We have developed xrdfusefs with the 
2.7 version of fuse, but fuse >= 2.5 should work.

Source Code:

Give it a try. We appreciate your comments and suggestions.


                Jan Erik,