Hi Chris,

  Return code 11 means that the client was not able to write a chunk, 
after having retried for several times if it was a timeout or network 
problem, or after having received an explicit error from the server.

  Even if you have the server log at a low level, you should be able to 
spot if there are complaints before that line that you quoted (which 
states that xrdcp gave up)

  If not, then the cause might be a temporary network trouble (but quite 
long) or a heavy overload on the server side disks. I remember also that 
XrdClient, and hence xrdcp, long time ago (about 1 year) had much 
shorter timeouts, and hence was more prone to this kind of troubles. Are 
you using a reasonably recent version of it?


Brew, CAJ (Chris) wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm experimenting with using xrdcp for the babar skiiming at RAL but
> some of the writes to the xrootd server fail.
> The only clue in the client logs I can find is:
> xrdcp failed with exit code 11
> though there may be more being eaten by the wrappers.
> On the server side I see:
> XrdLink: Unable to receive from babar004.1969:[log in to unmask];
> connection reset by peer
> This doesn't happen for all transfer but a significant minority fail
> this way.
> Any ideas where I should be looking for the problem?
> Thanks,
> Chris