Hi Derek,

Way too much depends on this behaviour (it is even documented). The eason 
this is done is that the same config file can be used for multiple 
instances of an xrootd running on the same machine. The only way to keep 
all of the infrastructure files seprated is to diffrentiate them with the 
instance name. Notice that you probably specified an instance name because 
had you not xrootd could not start-up because of the file 
naming/permission problem. If you ned the logfile to be what you exactly 
specified, then you shouldn't specify an instance name. If you need to 
specify an instance name then it means you have a conflict with some other 
xrtootd. See the problem?


On Fri, 11 Jan 2008, Derek Feichtinger wrote:

> Hi, Andy
> I'm just adding a build test that will try to run an xrootd with also loading
> some of the modules (shared libs) to detect missing symbols, and there I
> stumbled upon an older issue about log file names:
> I start the process with:
>  xrootd -c /test/work/test1-xrootd.cfg -n
>      testxrootd27156 -l /test/work/test1-xrootd.log
> But the logfile is not what I specified, but
> /test/work/testxrootd27156/test1-xrootd.log. So the xrootd's name is inserted
> in the path. Can this be changed or does too much already depend on that
> behavior?
> Cheers,
> Derek
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