I've seen different behaviors in dCache xrootd door and the normal xrootd 
daemon, and before rising a ticket in dCache I wanted to ask you about what 
is normal and what's not.

I've used an example of proof job that tries to access a set of files. First 
the files were stored in dCache (and accessible via xrdcrp commands), and I 
found errors accessing the file with the proof job. Afterwards I changed the 
location of the files to the olbd storage instead, and that didn't return 
errors accessing the files, it worked fine.

The error returned by root for every file is:
Srv err: Stat request requires open file.
01:42:23  3789 Mst-0 | Error in <TDSetElement::Lookup>: couldn't lookup 
(as you may have guessed, grid017 is the dCache xrootd door, and I'm sure it 
works because it can copy back that same file with xrdcp)

And the error returned by the dCache xrootd door is (again for each file):
LogicalStream(localPort=1094 SID=256)  got new request from dispatcher 
Xrootd-Error-Response: ErrorNr=3004 ErrorMsg=Stat request requires open file.
Xrootd-Response-Thread: sending response 

So, the error means that a "stat" operation was sent before opening the file. 
If the same access attempt succedes on a normal xrootd daemon and fails on 
dCache, what do you think? Is is xrootd daemon too permissive or dCache too