On Wed, 2 Apr 2008, Fabrizio Furano wrote:

> Hi Sami,
> [CC-ed the message to xrootd-l]
> I really do not understand what you mean with "default timeout 999999999 
> secs", I've never heard anything about this. Could you please be more 
> specific?
I was digging the TXNetFile code in hope of a solution, and i found 
// Set the timeout (default 999999999 secs, i.e. far, far in the future)

> Have you verified that the file is not corrupted?
The file is corrupted, i checked that by copying the file from the dCache 
server. How can i check if it is corrupted without opening the file?
It seems that TFile::Open("corruptedFile.root") works, but 
TFile::Open("root://.../corruptedFile.root") hangs.

> If you are sure about those, to give some support I need a logfile telling 
> me what's happening, possibly done with the latest ROOT (should be 5.19.02b, 
> which bundles very recent stuff).
I'm using root version 5.18.00, retried with 5.19.02, i couldnt find 
5.19.02b in /afs/

Same effect with 5.19.02 also.

> gEnv->setValue("XNet.Debug", 3)    [this switches the XrdClient debug ON]
I couldnt get this working:
root [0]
Processing test.cxx...
Error: Can't call TEnv::setValue("XNet.Debug",3) in current scope 
Possible candidates are...
*** Interpreter error recovered ***
root [1] .q

I've copied the test.cxx in my public 
The dCache data is world readable, so anyone can try the script.