Hi Sami,

  [CC-ed the message to xrootd-l]

  I really do not understand what you mean with "default timeout 999999999 
secs", I've never heard anything about this. Could you please be more specific?

  Have you verified that the file is not corrupted?
  My advice also is to verify that you have the latest stuff on the dCache 
xrootd door side. If we find a problem there we should forward it to the 
dCache developers.

  If you are sure about those, to give some support I need a logfile 
telling me what's happening, possibly done with the latest ROOT (should be 
5.19.02b, which bundles very recent stuff).

  BTW, as a general rule, in ROOT you should not use the syntax

TFile* file = new TXNetFile...

you should use instead:

gEnv->setValue("XNet.Debug", 3)    [this switches the XrdClient debug ON]

and then the 'usual'

TFile *file = TFile::Open("root://blahblah...

This gives to you greater flexibility. So, if you are still able to trigger 
the problem (and the data file is not corrupted... please doublecheck this 
before), please put the two lines in a root macro, run it and send the 
output to me, I will have a look.


Sami Lehti wrote:
> Dear TXNetFile authors,
> I'm using TXNetFile to open root files from a dCache server. The problem 
> is with corrupted files, e.g.
> TFile* file = new 
> TXNetFile("root://"); 
> gives me a warning
> "Warning in <TXNetFile::Init>: file 
> root:// 
> probably not closed, trying to recover"
> and then hangs up. Nothing happens after this. Could the problem be the
> default timeout 999999999 secs, and if yes, how do i change the timeout 
> to a smaller value?
> Best regards,
> Sami Lehti