Hi Horst,

The oss.nodread suppresses directory reading for every path unless you 
specify otherwise. This is true whether or not the path is backed in the 
MSS. If you just want to supress it for gstore, that will have to be 
implemented in the msscmd interface.

The mig option is the default when msscmd is specified. I beleieve it was a 
bug that has since been corrected that mg was propogated even to nomig 

Our site is being powered down until Monday so I will not be able to answer 
any e-mails until then.


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Sent: Friday, April 25, 2008 6:42 AM
Subject: xrd dirlist problems if mass storage interface enabled

Hi all,

at GSI I implemented the xrootd mass storage interface to
gStore, our local mass storage system.
Staging from gStore and migrating to gStore seems to work,
but the xrd command interface (dirlist) works only
if the mass storage interface is not activated.

If activated, no files are found with dirlist in any path backed with
(subdirectories of (/data1/)gstore, see configuration file attached).
Sometimes even the mass storage interface script
specified with oss.mssgwcmd is invoked,
though this should be inhibited by oss.nodread.

Also in pathes NOT backed with gStore, no files are shown with dirlist.
In the xrootd log file, no output appears (see log file attached)!

Besides that: Though specified as not migratable in the config file,
the pathes not backed with gStore appear with 'oss.path mig'
in the log file (/user, /xrootd, /Alitmp).

What's going wrong there?

Horst Goeringer