For those who are not on the ATLAS general mailing list to get this directly, here is the latest schedule for LHC turn on. 

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Subject: LHC start-up plans

Dear Colleagues,

 With this note we want to inform you about the latest schedule and planning of the LHC start-up, as it was agreed yesterday in a special meeting chaired by the Director-General, bringing together the experiments and the LHC machine.

 Based on the good progress for the cool down of the LHC sectors, and on the powering tests from two sectors, the following planning was arrived at:

1) End of June:  The LHC is expected to be cooled down.
                 The experiments are requested to have 
                 their beam pipes baked out.

2) Mid of July:  The experimental caverns will be closed
                 after the caverns and tunnel have been 
                 patrolled. From then on the controlled 
                 access system will be fully activated.

3) End of July:  First particles may be injected, and the
                 commissioning with beams and collisions 
                 will start.

4) It is expected that it will take about 2 months to have
   first collisions at 10 TeV.

5) Energy of the 2008 run: Agreed to be 10 TeV. The machine
   considers this to be a safe setting to optimize up-time
   of the machine until the winter shut-down (starting 
   likely around end of November). Therefore, simulations 
   can now start for 10 TeV.

6) The winter shut-down will then be used to commissioning 
   and train the magnets up to full current, such that the 
   2009 run will start at the full 14 TeV design energy.  

Kind regards,

Marzio Nessi and Peter Jenni