Hi, very good question, indeed.

  In general for xrootd-related tech things there are no data protocol 
backward incompatibilities, so, in general we apply the principle "the 
newer the better", since we almost never stop finding small bugs here and 
there, and ew keep on developing new things.

  So, the general answer, but valid just for this time is to use the latest 
one if you know how to setup it manually. This (from my standpoint) is 
valid just now because I am (also...sic) working on xrd-installer, in order 
to put its content in shape and with all the latest goodies for ALICE.

  BTW, the newest snapshot contains a couple of fixes (both client and 
server) which are supposed to solve an annoying stability problem, which 
was in most of the cases (but not all cases) hidden by the fault tolerance.

  Hence, this will be the overall direction. The general difficulty with 
ALICE setups is that they do not need just the plain xrootd setup.

  If you are tempted by the latest versions, I can only encourage you to 
experiment, and give my support. Typically the ROOT bundle is quite 
up-to-date, but now we have a better way to get the bleeding edge stuff, 
i.e. download the tarballs from the new web page.

  Today, at 14:00 Andy Hanushevsky will have an IT seminar here at CERN, 
his slides will announce this sort of info-point at CERN about Scalla and 
xrootd, available since... today!


Schwarz, Kilian wrote:
> Hi all,
> this is a good question, probably to Fabrizio. I would also be interested in the answer.
> Cheers,
> Kilian
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> Betreff: Question regarding upcoming 2-15
> Hello,
> I have a question regarding the upcoming AliEn 2-15. At
> the xrootd version is 20080401-1126, but the version used (and
> distributed) by root-v5-19-02a
> ( )
> is 20071116-0000c. Which version should be used on the dataservers?
> Cheers,
> Claudiu