Information on visa assistance for LCWS08

As indicated on the LCWS08 website
LCWS08 is registered with the National Academy of Sciences (NAS). This 
means that NAS can make inquiries into visa applications if there are 
problems or it is taking too long.
For reference, the National Academies' International Visitors
Office phone number is (202-334-2339).

All persons applying for a visa to LCWS08 should fill out the visa 
questionnaire: this now...don't wait for a problem!

After about 1 week, you will get a response by email. The form goes 
directly to the US State Department, which eneters it in a database that 
the National Academies can view after about 5 days.

Once you show up in the database, we will be able to ask about the 
progress of your visa application.

They also told me that by leaving a copy of your passports with a US 
embassy (rather than the passport itself) will result in only a very short 
(3 or 4 day) lengthening of the
process...they will only need the passport back to put the visa in it.

Mark Oreglia

Mark Oreglia
Professor, Dept. of Physics
The University of Chicago,
The Enrico Fermi Institute

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