Dear Colleagues,
 As most of you may have heard, the FY 2009 Omnibus spending 
bill was passed by the Senate and signed by the President.

Attention now focuses on the FY 2010 Budget Proposal.

Secretary of Energy Chu spoke before the Senate Committee on 
Energy and Natural Resources on March 5.

Some excerpts from his presentation touching on the FY 2010
budget proposal:

I also strongly believe that the key to our prosperity in 
the 21st century lies in our ability to nurture our intellectual 
capital in science and engineering.
First, we need to increase funding.
As part of the President's plan to double federal investment in 
the basic sciences, the 2010 Budget provides substantially 
increased support for the Office of Science, building on the 
$1.6 billion provided in the Recovery Act for the Department 
of Energy's basic sciences programs.

The full transcript is available at:

Video of the hearing is available at:
(Please note that the hearing starts 22:28 into the video.
You can use the scrub bar at the bottom of the Flash Player to advance.)

Secretary Chu also spoke before the Senate Budget Committee.
The transcript of that presentation is available at:

Video is available at:

President Obama recently announced his intent to nominate Kristina 
M. Johnson for Under Secretary of Energy. Details can be found

Enjoy the weekend,
Norman Graf