Dear Sir/Madam,
I'm trying to use xrootdfs on dsl-condor to mount the /tmp directory of dsl-stork, but I got the following error:
100305 15:15:15 31546 anon.16178:17@dsl-condor XrootdResponse: 0100 sending err 3005: Operation not supported.
100305 15:15:18 31546 anon.16178:17@dsl-condor XrootdProtocol: 0100 request timeout; read 0 of 24 bytes
I've attached the complete output to this email. Would you please have a look at it and give me some hint on how to avoid this error? 
I really appreciate your time. Thank you!
Best regards,

Wan Huang
Distributed Systems Laboratory, CS/CCT @ LSU
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