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We recently updated BNL's STAR XRootd deployment (to version 20100315-1007_dbg) and would now like to convert it from readonly to read/write.  After making the configuration changes on one data server, as a test, the simple UNIX auth scheme seems to work fine, but the server is unable to create the file (error 3011, no such file or directory).  If I create an empty placeholder file, the server finds it.  An attempt to force overwrite of the empty file results in an eventual timeout.  These tests were done trying to write directly to the server;  trying to go through the redirector returns a "No servers have write access to the file" error.  As far as I can tell, all permissions are correct and there are no firewalls involved.  I must be missing something basic, so any guidance would be much appreciated!  Our setup is not particularly complex although it does include a custom N2N library.  I have made the config file along with debug outputs available here:

Thanks in advance for the help!