Hi Patrick,

   all but one of the xrootd threads are in the system calls, the one
that is not in the system call is calling malloc with a valid
parameter value, so I would say that the most likely scenarios are:

1) the malloc implementation you're using (Thread-Caching Malloc) is buggy
2) Athena is messing up the memory

   It is possible that it's xrootd that is causing the memory
corruption, but knowing Athena, it's very unlikely.


2011/5/20 Patrick McGuigan <[log in to unmask]>:
> Hello,
> A user's job seg-faulted when running in our system and produced the
> attached stack trace.  The information in the stack trace indicates that the
> problems seemed to occur when the xrootd client was trying to allocate
> additional memory (Thread 1).  The code should have been using the client
> libraries associated with the ROOT version packaged with ATLAS release.  The
> root version is labelled as "Version  5.26/00e   13 October 2010"
> I am curious if my diagnosis is correct, and if anyone has seen something
> similar before?
> I reran the job on separate machine and it seemed to run fine.
> Regards,
> Patrick