Hi Matevz,

On Sat, 25 Jun 2011, Matevz Tadel wrote:

> Hi Andy,
> On 06/25/11 17:26, Andrew Hanushevsky wrote:
>> Hi Matevz,
> Thanks, I'll look it up and set it to something more aggressive. How come it
> didn't recuperate automatically?
It can't. By definition when too many servers disconnect it goes into a 
holding pattern until those servers come back. This prevents the system 
from doing stupid things like restaging data on the remaining servers.

> It is also true that the same machines (uaf-X) are used for interactive logon
> and are loaded pretty badly last couple of weeks.
That shouldn't cause a huge problem unless you've reached the load limit. 
In that case, clients will be delayed until the load falls back down below 
the threshold.

> You can tell this from those log fragments? I already softened down the
> monitoring / reporting rates that Brian was using by default -- but I don't
> think it was propagated to all the sites yet (we want to get the user info
> sorted out first).
That's fine as long as it's not what you would do in full-blown