On Tue, 7 Jun 2011, Brian Bockelman wrote:

> Alright, now I'm confused.  My understanding is that Matevz was 
> complaining that the name recorded in the new monitoring record was 
> truncated at 8 characters.
I think he is but it's comming from the fact that the gsi plug-in is not 
returning the translated name so he might have to rely on the traceid; 
which of course, you can't except in limited circumstances.

> I'm fine with the trace-id being "truncated", as we can back-track it 
> to their login, which looks like this:
> 110607 02:47:20 5315 XrootdXeq: 
> glxcuser.2050:[log in to unmask] login as uscmsPool1836
> I assume the trace-id is the 
> "glxcuser.2050:[log in to unmask]", which I'm assuming is 
> simply an opaque unique identifier (and hence not meant to derive 
> meaning, such as a user name, from).
Bingo! Yes, you are correct. He should be using the authenticated name and 
that is being recorded in the monitoring records (as well as the 
"meaningless" traceid). That's the 'uscmsPool1836' full name in the above 

This, of course, brings up the question of how you got the full name 
displayed in your log record? He only gets the x500 hash from the gsi 
plugin he is using. I assume you are using the same plugin but your 
mapping function works (his does not).