Hi Will,

On 06/22/11 03:07, Will Maier wrote:
> Hi Matevz-
> On Tue, Jun 21, 2011 at 10:19:10PM -0700, Matevz Tadel wrote:
>> 4. After writing all this ... is anybody actually using this? What would be a
>> reasonable thing to store into MonALISA (or equivalent)? Is cmsd ever the
>> bottleneck / problematic part?
> The US CMS T2 xrootds all report to a Monalisa instance at UCSD:

Yes, I know ... I'm running this show :) What I was asking was what cmsd info is
useful for and what parts should we store to detect overloads etc.

So far I was just discarding the cmsd records (also, the default xrootd.cfg did
not enable monitoring for cmsd).