I noticed this a couple of times now ... cmsd process (running from trunk on Centos 5) just disappears, nothing useful in the logs. E.g., here is a log from cmsd that died within seconds of being started:

Ah, just got one on another machine which wrote some stuff out:

110711 12:41:25 2947 Admin_Login initial request: 'login p 15979 port 1094'
110711 12:41:25 2947 Update FrontEnd Parm1=1 Parm2=1094
110711 12:41:25 2947 State: Status changed to active
110711 12:41:25 2947 Inform xrootd status
110711 12:41:25 2947 do_Login:: Primary server 15979 logged in; data port is 1094
110711 12:41:26 2947 Dispatch manager.0:22@xrootd for state dlen=90
110711 12:41:26 2947 manager.0:22@xrootd do_State: /store/data/Run2010B/Mu/AOD/Apr21ReReco-v1/0003/6E8B9B8A-EC70-E011-B079-E0CB4E4408F7.root
pure virtual method called
terminate called without an active exception

Any clues? Can I do something to help trace it down?