I am seeing this error in a stand-alone xrootd file server -

111018 04:14:06 30417 cms_Finder: Waiting for cms path 

Here is the config file -

[root@atlas8 ~]# cat /etc/xrootd/xrootd-standalone.cfg

all.adminpath /var/spool/xrootd/admin public /disk/data*

all.export /atlas r/w stage nocheck nodread
all.export /atlas/local r/w  nostage nocheck nodread

all.role server
xrd.port 1094 if exec xrootd

xrootd.chksum max 3 adler32 /usr/bin/xrdadler32

xrootd.seclib /usr/lib64/

# this specify that we use the 'unix' authentication module, additional 
one can be specified.
sec.protocol /usr/lib64 unix

# specify the sss authentication module
#sec.protocol /usr/lib64 sss -s /var/spool/xrootd/.xrd/sss.keytab -c 
sec.protocol /usr/lib64 sss -s /var/spool/xrootd/.xrd/sss.keytab

# this is the authorization file
acc.authdb /etc/xrootd/auth_file

#sec.protbind * unix

# Global Redirector information
all.manager meta

ofs.notify closew create mkdir mv rm rmdir trunc | /usr/bin/XrdCnsd -d 
-D 2 -i 90 -b

#frm.purge.policy * 500g 750g hold 168h
frm.xfr.copycmd in stats noalloc /etc/xrootd/ $SRC $DST $CID
#frm.xfr.copycmd in stats /etc/xrootd/ $SRC $DST $CID

oss.xfr deny 10m

cms.prep echo min 10g 15g

cms.allow host *



Doug Benjamin