Dear xrootd-list,

Currently in my data servers I have this line -
xrootd.chksum max 3 adler32 /usr/bin/xrdadler32

according to the documentation:

9)     Warning: If an external checksum program is specified (i.e. path is specified), then neither the oss.localroot nor oss.namelib directives are applied to the logical file name before passing the file name to the specified program that computes the checksum. Hence, the program is responsible for converting a logical file name to a physical file name.

10) When checksums are natively computed (i.e., path is not specified), then the oss.localroot and oss.namelib directives are applied to the logical file name. The checksum is computed against the resulting physical file name.

Should I remove the reference to /usr/bin/xrdadler32 and let the system compute it automatically? Will xrdalder32 be used?

Also how can the check sum be set autmatically in the in files extened attributes.   If it is set how can I examine it?

 should I use the 

frm_admin chksum  -t adler32 calc path (where path is lfn) 

to calculate the checksum 


Doug Benjamin