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For those interested in the C++ interface to EVIO 4, see the message below.

At Jlab, this can be obtained by using the (heavily firewalled) CODA group svn:

svn co svn://phecda.jlab.org/daqfs/source/svnroot/evio-4.0


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Subject: [Clas12_software] Pre-release of C++ version of EVIO v4
Date: April 12, 2012 11:56:13 AM EDT
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I checked into SVN C++ code that implements most of the major features
of EVIO version 4.  It passes all my tests, but note that my code does
not test the new features very well.

I'm doing this pre-release so that people anxious to get version 4 C++
code can help with the testing.  Note that at the moment I have time to
work on this so now is a very good time to give me feedback.

The code checked in can read and write version 4 files, including
dictionaries.  It implements the new padding scheme.  It includes some
(not all) of the convenience functions requested by Johann.  Finally, I
eliminated all dynamic casts to solve the problem Gagik discovered
concerning dynamically linked libraries.

I still need to implement socket and buffer channels, add some more
convenience functions, etc.  I hope to complete this today.

Concerning dictionaries, Maurizio and I are discussing what
functionality is needed and what XML format to use.  To my knowledge
only Maurizio and I are using them, so we have a free hand.  If you are
using dictionaries please let one of us know.  We are hoping to develop
a scheme that describes bank hierarchies and the format of composite
banks, and can be used for "pretty printing."

Note that version 4 can read older EVIO files but cannot write them.  
This is transparent to the user.





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