On behalf of Brian Foster, Juan Fuster and Steinar Stapnes:


Dear LC colleagues,  

We have now received a close to final report from the working group that has been set up to prepare input from the Linear Collider community to the European Strategy process.  This report have been through a first level of reviews (see more information below) and is now made openly available to the community. We believe the report is a very good summary of the impressive physics potential of the future LC and based on the reviewers feedback and detailed comments so far this view seems to be widely shared.

We invite you all to provide reactions or feedback concerning the document to Francois Le Diberder <[log in to unmask]>  by July 12th.
As pointed out in the statement from the committee below there are ongoing discussions of some of the received comments and also events ahead (the July 4th seminars at CERN) that will need to be incorporated, so you should keep this in mind when you make your comments. It will also help if you refer to the line-numbers in the document when you make comments, and indicate what version you are referring to (the document may evolve in time), keeping in mind that the length of the document should not exceed 15 pages.

Again, we hope you find the document as useful and concise as we have found it, and invite you to read it and provide further input as you feel needed.

Best regards, Brian, Juan and Steinar

Letter from the committee:
Dear Brian, Juan and Steinar,

Following our mandate(1), the committee(2) you set up prepared a report meant as providing input from the Linear Collider community to the European Strategy.

The attached document is a draft of this report. It will be updated in July, taking stock of the latest LHC results(3). We also expect to receive comments
from the community that we aim to represent as best as we can.

To write the document the committee held numerous phone conferences and  a few face-to-face meetings. The community was informed on several occasions on our work, most notably in middle of May when a town hall meeting took place in Paris. We first delivered an initial draft to you and to a few reviewers. This initial draft received numerous comments which were all given careful consideration.

Best regards,

On behalf of the committee,
Francois Le Diberder

(1) Mandate:
The committee is requested to review the physics case for a linear electron-positron collider in the centre-of-mass energy range from around 250 GeV - 3 TeV in the light of LHC results up to mid-2012 and building on previous studies.

The committee should consider the case for a linear collider in terms of the physics reach beyond that of the LHC under the assumptions in the current CERN planning; a) 300 fb-1 and b) 3000 fb-1.

It should assume linear collider performance based on the details contained in current documents from ILC and CLIC but without a detailed comparison of the relative performance of the machines.
The aim is to make the strongest possible case for a generic linear collider for submission to the European Strategy process.

The committee is requested to submit its draft report to the GDE European Regional Director, the CERN Linear Collider Studies Leader and the Chair of the ECFA Study for the Linear Collider by June 18th 2012.

The final version of the report, should be delivered by end July.

(2) Committee membership: J. E. Brau, R. M. Godbole, F. R. Le Diberder, M. A. Thomson, H. Weerts, G. Weiglein, J. D. Wells, H. Yamamoto

(3)  In particular, the event scheduled at CERN for the 4th of July will possibly affect some wording of the report.

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