Hi All,

We have a few questions regarding hps-java. With help from Matt, I've run a simulated LHE file through all of the usual reconstruction steps with the HPS-FullRun-Reach-2pt2 detector and the HPSTrackingBunchedMC.lcsim steering file, which calls TrackerDigiDriver and TrackerReconDriver. We're seeing HelicalTrackHits (up to 20 in some events), but no MatchedTracks. So the first question is, what exactly are MatchedTracks, and what are they matched to? Are there other types of tracks that we can look at? And the other question is, if the MatchedTracks are indeed the tracks matched to our hits, what might be the reasons that we're seeing no MatchedTracks? I'm attaching the output of running the reconstruction, in case it may be useful.

Also, with help from Norman and Jeremy, I was able to get the WIRED4 event display working in JAS version-0.9.5. Again, we're seeing plenty of hits in the tracker and no tracks, but we're also seeing a handful of RotatedHelicalTrackHits near the x axis. What exactly is the origin of these hits, and is it possible they are causing issues with constructing tracks?

Joey Reichert

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