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  As I understand it (from Norman), multiple scattering will occur in the tracker and other geometry components, rather than single scattering.  Though I would assume some single scattering will be invoked by the physics engine, this is not going to influence the primary e+e- events generated from target interactions, which are input externally.  So the effect should be small/negligible.  (Can we confirm this somehow?)

I think it is _probably_ true that the different single scattering treatment  has only a small effect for us (outside of the beam/target), we may see an effect in the vertex resolution where we are trying to measure  ~10^7 rejection factors.  The easiest thing to do is just look at this with both v9.3 and v9.5 and see if there is a difference.  I can do this if you can point me to a current slic distribution on the slac machines...

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