Hi Guys,

Thanks, following Matt's instructions worked. My data comes from Madgraph, so it's not a problem to rerun SLIC for each value of magnetic field that I'm looking at.

Oh, I also had to remove the line in my saying "ConditionsReader: org.lcsim.hps.conditions.TestRunConditionsReader", to avoid the following error that I was receiving when running my analysis:
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Please see
 Everything seemed to run fine after removing that line from, but that won't have any negative side effects, will it?

Thanks again!

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Hello Matt,

You’re probably correct. I’ll double-check.



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I think you don't need to set up alias' anymore since hps-detectors is included in the hps-java jar now…is this right?


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Hello Joey,

If you want to see the effect on the reconstruction of using a field value which is

different from that used to simulate the events, then yes, you can do this. But you

will have to set up an alias for this detector to make sure you pick up the new,

incommensurate geometry. Otherwise you will either pick up the locally cached version

or the official version from the web. I don’t recommend doing this unless you

REALLY know what you are doing.

If you want to conduct a study with the new field value in both the simulation and

the reconstruction, then, as Matt has already pointed out, you should  change the detector

name. You will also need to set up an alias to point to this new detector.

If you let us know the object of your analysis we can help you further.



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Hi Everyone,


Quick question: If I want to change the B-field applied to my simulated data using a given detector, do I need to make a new .lcdd file by copying the compact.xml for the file, changing the value of "by" to my new value for the B-field, and then running the .xml file through GeomConverter? If so, is that the only change that I need to make?



Joey Reichert


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