Dear fellow ILCers, past and present, who reside at SLAC


The rest of the world will be celebrating the handover of the Technical Design Report of the ILC to ICFA on Wednesday 12th June and I thought it fitting, as many of us at SLAC spent countless years designing and costing the accelerator, its components, its conventional facilities, and a detector,  that we have a party here at SLAC, to coincide with part of theTDR handover event at Fermilab on 12th June.

Nan Phinney (SLAC) will give a talk on the ILC at Fermilab at 4:30pm Illinois time, so we will start our celebration at 2:30pm California time. There will be a webstream of the talks at Fermilab, starting at 1:30pm California time  and if you wish to watch them on your computer go to this URL:

Barry Barish hands the TDR to the chair of the ICFA, Pierre Oddone, at 5:35pm in Illinois., which is 3:35pm here in California on Wednesday 12th June. We will “tune into”  the webstream at our party at 3:30pm to watch that part of the ceremony.

So please join me at 2:30pm in the Truckee River Conference Room, #206, on the second floor of our new building, 52,  for cake and soft drinks. Please bring your own tea or coffee. We will reminisce until 4:00pm.

In case you haven't see it, here is the detailed agenda for the celebrations happening in Tokyo, Japan, Geneva, Switzerland and Batavia, Illinois, USA:

The events  in Tokyo and at CERN will also be webcast, see the above agenda for the links.

If you'd like to see two videos made by two regions of Japan who would like to host the ILC go to this webpage:

Hope those of you at SLAC , birthplace of linear colliders, who worked on the ILC in any capacity, will join me on Wednesday for our own celebration. No need to reply, just turn up, I'll be buying a large cake and lots of soft drinks.

Regards from
Cherrill Spencer, Magnet Engineer at SLAC

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